A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode.
You can select the BarCode function from the menu which is displayed after clicking on the magic wand icon in the jobs’ tree. A new object will appear, with the default name BarCode# (where # stands for a progressive number)

Once selected, you can access to the BarCode properties by clicking on Feature properties below the jobs’tree.

Properties Barcode

  1. In the first section, “BarCode”, you can either change the name of the BarCode, or enable/disable it, lock/unlock it or change the displaying color.

  2. In “BarCode Content” you can change the content of the BarCode, and you can enable the Dynamic field

As you can see, you can choose between:

  • NO if you want the text to be fixed

  • INPUT by REMOTE allows the importation of texts by remote

  • SN/DATE to let the barcode work as a Serial Number/Date

  • INPUT by KEYBOARD allows for changing the text to mark everywhen you start marking. You will be able to change it at every end of working cycle.

  • INPUT by TEXTFILE permits the importation of a specific textfile specially-made to be marked

  • INPUT by SINGLETEXTFILE: more dynamic texts in the same drawing are linked to the same textfile

  • SN/DATE + INPUT by REMOTE allows for importing some strings of serial numbers and date from remote software.

3. In the “Style Properties” section you can choose the type of code you prefer (Code 128, Code 39, 2of5_ITF, 2of5_Industr, EAN 13 o EAN 8), you can make it curved or you can add the CheckDigit (a redundancy check used for error detection)

4. In the “Bars Filling” section you can change the parameters relating to the bar density, the bars width factor, or you can enable the Reverse which inverts the marking tonality according to the material, creating an Offset zone (which can be modified) in order to improve readability in marking.

5. You can choose to display the barcode data as an alphanumerical code, that is to say a text which is human readable in case of problems in the automatic reading devices: you just have to enable the Human Readable Text function et set the alignment and the style you prefer. You can do this even selecting the barcode and right-clicking on it, choosing the “Properties” voice.

Please refer yourself to How to modify a text and How to create a new text style in the specific section about the creation of a text.

6. Enabling the ARRAY function you can personalize the barcode organizing more strings in a matrix.

You can choose the number of rows and columns but also the distance between them.

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