What we do every day

LASIT is a company that has been dedicated to developing technology for laser marking since 1990.


Our product offerings include solutions for companies in the Automotive, Medical, Home Appliance, Electronics, Hydraulics and Military markets. Our projects are customized based on specific requests. They are built by exceptional engineers, computer experts, electricians and mechanics.


People are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we strive to create a corporate culture where all employees feel appreciated and involved in innovation based on similarities and differences. We promote global outlooks, networking, and sharing experiences.


At LASIT, we promote people with talent, and we fully support continuous learning. Our employees’ careers are defined by their abilities and interests.


We consider the way we guide ourselves, others and our business as the basis for our success. Our principles are based on the company’s founding values. We view them as a practical guide and code of conduct for everyone involved, helping us to create a corporate culture in which everyone can give their best and grow personally and professionally, and one in which we can achieve our shared goal.

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Your Goals

There are no goals that cannot be reached with the right lineup and the right team. We are guiding the innovation of industrial LASER technology. And we are doing it with the help of extremely talented people who share our same passion for change.


The environment is fast-paced, the work is stimulating, and the goal is to always look to the future.


LASIT’s headquarters is located in the industrial area in Torre Annunziata, Italy, and our offices have a view of the sea. We also have an office in Bologna, so we are close to our customers in Northern Italy. We also have business offices in Poland, Spain and Mexico.       

Today, we all work in a welcoming location, with a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Naples. Here, regardless of sex, race, religion, age, or background, each individual can work to express their full potential.

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Why choose LASIT

We are the largest laser marker manufacturer in Italy. For 30 years, we have been increasing our knowledge and expertise thanks to challenges by prominent companies that have entrusted us and our ability to identify innovative solutions.


We are committed not only to creating engaging projects, we also aim to support our employees in their personal and professional growth. This is why a job at LASIT offers a variety of advantages that make a job with us even more useful.


Our customers are industry leaders, which allows us to grow and improve constantly. Ferrari, Ducati, Volvo, Maserati, Bosch, Electrolux, Schneider Electric and Whirlpool are just some of our biggest customers, and we especially hope that your support will allow us to gain many more new ones!


Excellent work does not only mean doing something you love, but it also means doing it under optimal conditions for work and employment.


This is why we work hard to offer our employees a number of benefits that support their daily lives.

New location

In 2020, LASIT moved to its new location. Since then, we have been working on new projects to increase the wellness of our employees, which combine with the magnificent location, just a short walk from the seaside. A few reasons why it is nice to work with us:


The bottom floor offers a gym for all employees who want to stay in shape, free to use.


A café is available for relaxing and enjoying time with coworkers and visitors.


For a good meal
and relaxing during breaks.


There are ping pong and pool tables in the game room where employees can play.


Dedicated space full of toys, allowing parents who work to be with their young children.


The wellness of our employees is a key factor for the success of our company. Technical expertise is not sufficient to guarantee good results. Companies need to offer their employees an environment that stimulates them to their full potential and ability. That is why LASIT has started to build shared space for enjoying breaks and free time.


Training aims to stimulate and expand the professional skills of our employees. It is structured to provide a diverse offering with the goal of involving all types of professionals at every level.

LASIT invests significantly in internal training, addressing the specialization of people in its products, and in external training. Between 2020 and 2021, we spent €50,000:


Courses for using new management software


Foreign language courses


Personal growth and leadership courses


Courses for UX updating

It is our intent to increase this budget, which is one of the most greatly appreciated investments, and that increase the loyalty of many.

Work with Us

If you are interested in all of this, and if your pride and passion are as strong as ours, then come join our team and change the future.





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