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Supplementary laser marking | Flexibility for every need

Flyline supplementary laser marking, designed for installation on a more extensive automatic production line. It is particularly suited for laser engraving of automotive components.. Its characteristics are: Simplicity of installation High flexibility to meet every requirement Want to know more? Fill in the form for more information Published the: 08 june 2017

From laser marking to aesthetic excellence

Specialised in the design and manufacture of fume hoods Falmec recently obtained a new marking system that enables it to meet increasingly high quality requirements, accurately, flexibly and quickly The process also includes the marking phase, for which the firm decided to use a laser system developed by Lasit and distributed by Betto Macchine of […] Leggi tutto

TowerMark XL for laser engraving of circular blades

New TowerMark XL This was made to facilitate the operations of loading/unloading of very heavy items; in fact, it is fitted with an external carriage and an internal ball table, which are a help to the operator when doing that job. It was mainly designed for marking circular blades, but, thanks to its characteristics, laser […] Leggi tutto

NewGalaXyz with a five-axis system

New GalaXyz This is the ideal machine for laser marking of articles with large dimensions and extremely varied and complex shapes. It has the following characteristics: Welded steel: high rigidity for greater precision Hideaway case: greater comfort during the loading process Hideaway axis Y: increases productivity and considerably reduces the space occupied Precision chuck and […] Leggi tutto

Precision laser engraving | Small sizes for big outputs

New CompactMark G6 This is a laser engraving machine designed to meet the needs of sectors that require great productivity and high precision, such as, for example, the sectors of precision mechanics, goldsmithery and fashion. Thanks to its big marking area, the machine is also excellent for marking very large plates and plaques in several […] Leggi tutto

Laser engraving on electrical components. More methods, more advantages

manca foto

New TowerBelt This is a laser marker designed for engraving consumer and low-priced products such as, for example, electrical components like connectors, switches, and electric outlets. It is an innovative marker fitted with a double system: a conveyor belt with fixed stops for engraving articles automatically and a table that can be placed in the […] Leggi tutto

New Fly Pump for laser engraving of cylindrical articles

Fly Pump This is a customized laser marker with two stations, designed for engraving cylindrical items, optimising marking times and reducing down times. The new Lasit laser marking and engraving system is distinguished for the presence of some typical elements: Laser engraving of circular items while the machine is running Controlling the quality of the […] Leggi tutto

Laser engraving on pens. Reduce costs by increasing productivity

New PenFeeder Double It is a custom marker for the laser engraving of small cylindrical details , such as pens. Due to the size of the warehouse and the automatic feed mechanism, orientation and rotation of the details it is provided, the machine can work autonomously for different hours , ensuring A significant decrease in […] Leggi tutto

Omnitrack chooses LASIT for laser engraving of the ball transfers

Omnitrack has been manufacturing innovative movement solutions since 1909. We’ve always strived to produce the highest quality products from the best materials & we enjoy working with companies who share our ethos like Lasit, who manufacture precision laser marking machines. Our Lasit laser-marking machine incorporates the latest high technology ‘Fibre Laser‘ system and offers considerable […] Leggi tutto

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