News for laser marking in the jewelry industry

The issuing of the Note n. 82934 of 03/23/2016 of the Minister of Economic Development will give gold and silver manufacturers new tools for laser marking of  valuables. In fact starting from now they can substitute the traditional punching of precious metals with laser marking, in order to engrave their official trademarks. Every company can […] Leggi tutto

Lasit presents a new laser marking system: FlyFoil Feeder

New laser system for automatically marking and cutting of Tesa films. Lasit has developed a brand new laser system, FLYFOIL FEEDER, for automatically marking and cutting of tesa film tapes. High productivity coupled with the shortest cycle times make this brand new lasit model the ideal machine for laser processing of Tesa. Description of the laser system and mode of operation The core of […] Leggi tutto

A robotic heart for laser marking motor parts

LASIT has recently realized a robotic system for marking engine blocks providing a 6-axis ABB anthropomorphic robot as the core of the operating cycle integrated in the cabinet. Robotic laser marking cabinet realized by LASIT Marking and engraving are among the most employed laser applications in the industrial domain. As far as laser technology is […] Leggi tutto

Lasit at MECSPE 2016 – Find out our new laser marker: MicroMark GN

MECSPE has always been the Italian reference fair for the manufacturing industry, meeting point between production technologies and industrial sectors. It registers year after year an incredibly affluence of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. LASIT has participated also this year, maintaining continuity that has lasted for 12 years and ensuring the most innovating laser […] Leggi tutto

Affidabilità e Tecnologie – Turin 2016

The tenth edition of the international manifestation “Affidabilità & Tecnologie” has been organized in Turin on April 20-21st. This manifestation is entirely dedicated to innovative solutions and new technologies for the manufacture industries which are involved in the competitive development. LASIT has participated also this year, providing its laser marking and engraving systems to meet […] Leggi tutto