Laser engraving on pens. Reduce costs by increasing productivity

New PenFeeder Double It is a custom marker for the laser engraving of small cylindrical details , such as pens. Due to the size of the warehouse and the automatic feed mechanism, orientation and rotation of the details it is provided, the machine can work autonomously for different hours , ensuring A significant decrease in […] Leggi tutto

Omnitrack chooses LASIT for laser engraving of the ball transfers

Omnitrack has been manufacturing innovative movement solutions since 1909. We’ve always strived to produce the highest quality products from the best materials & we enjoy working with companies who share our ethos like Lasit, who manufacture precision laser marking machines. Our Lasit laser-marking machine incorporates the latest high technology ‘Fibre Laser‘ system and offers considerable […] Leggi tutto

News for laser marking in the jewelry industry

The issuing of the Note n. 82934 of 03/23/2016 of the Minister of Economic Development will give gold and silver manufacturers new tools for laser marking of  valuables. In fact starting from now they can substitute the traditional punching of precious metals with laser marking, in order to engrave their official trademarks. Every company can […] Leggi tutto

Affidabilità e Tecnologie – Turin 2016

The tenth edition of the international manifestation “Affidabilità & Tecnologie” has been organized in Turin on April 20-21st. This manifestation is entirely dedicated to innovative solutions and new technologies for the manufacture industries which are involved in the competitive development. LASIT has participated also this year, providing its laser marking and engraving systems to meet […] Leggi tutto

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