How to create a drawing

FlyCad software has a tree structure with a root, Features, from which all the “leaves” or nodes with their function spread out. This structure simplifies the design of each work (texts and images), but also of DataMatrix and serial numbers.

Creating a Drawing

To manually draw whatever kind of shape you firstly need to create a sketch. In the jobs’ tree on the left select the magic wand icon and click on “Sketch”

A new sketch will appear with a default name, Sketch# (where # stands for a progressive number).
To draw something you have to select the sketch, then click on “Draw” which is on the toolbar above and choose what you want to draw. You may select directly the shape you want from the Draw toolbar.
Here is an example of drawing a line:
Select the Sketch, click on the line icon and draw it on the plan.

The first thing you can modify is the name of the sketch.

Moreover, selecting the Sketch in the CAD plan you can see its properties in the “Feature properties” box, which is below the jobs’ tree.

  • The first property allows for enabling/disabling the selected object by clicking either on TRUE or FALSE. Once disabled, the object disappears from the CAD drawing place but it will be saved in the jobs’ tree and it could be used in a second time.

  • The second property locks/unlocks the object (to modify a locked object you must unlock it). Once you lock an object, it will be always visible on the CAD drawing plan but it could not be selected nor will all actions interfere with its position or characteristics.

  • The third property allows for changing the color of the displayed objects

  • The last property permits to set the automatic preview, which means enabling it every time a new drawing is loaded

When you launch FlyCad for the first time it is provided with a set of standard marking parameters. To display them you can select DEFAULT for the jobs’ tree, just below the sketch. To change them you just have to click on the button on its right, “Parameters Explorer”.

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