97% of our customers return to choose and recommend LASIT over time

Mirko Calvi Production Specialist

“We’ve chosen LASIT a few years ago and we are so happy with the laser marking machines->home we use. Their customer services is always available. The high quality of their components makes this supplier a great partner for our company."

Andrea de Danieli Engineering Manager

"I came across LASIT about 9 years ago and since then I have kept collaborating with them to develop new machines to add to our production processes. We still collaborate with LASIT because of the quality, reliability, and automations of their products. Behind a product there is a successful company where people are eager to take on new challenges."

Vincenzo Maffi Process Engineering Manager

“Our experience with LASIT is extremely positive. The high quality of the components, the possibility to customise and co-design the system, the speed and efficiency of their maintenance (routine and special) service make this supplier a great partner and a precious resource. After having visited Lasit’s plant and assembly unit, we’re truly impressed. The company offers a customised and quality-oriented service, just like us."

Franco Toffolo Product Manager

"I can only speak wonders about them. I had a problem with a laser installed on the equipment, which we solved brilliantly, thanks to their indications. Despite the fact that I didn’t monitor this system personally, their indications were so clear that it all went pretty smoothly."

Ricardo Benjamin Martinez Mechanical Engineer

"The technical system of Lasit machines is perfect for use on Automotive components. Support of our qualified Lasit team comes with each specific machine"

GianMaria Dainotti Product Manager

"The decision to acquire a LASIT machine was dictated by the need to meet increasingly higher quality requirements, as well as the need to be able to optimize execution times, as well as expand the materials that can be processed."

Gabriele Ravelli Senior Purchasing Manager

"We met LASIT when he was still little more than a small craftsman; we have lived with LASIT its path of exponential growth in a few years and appreciated the great capacity for transformation, innovation and proposal of "ad hoc" solutions for the customer."

Andrea Gazocchi Technical Manager

"The LASIT marker is a product with enormous potential. In ZATOR we use it to mark parts in raw, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, brass and galvanized brass. The FLYCAD software needs improvement. Excellent assistance, always available and with a solution for all the problems encountered so far."

Roberto Berizzi Technical Manager

"Our experience with Lasit is extremely positive, as we need to have the marking process of cgmp components always under control. An excellent product with quality components. The software tutorial can be improved"

Fabrizio Ferraud Ciandet Technical Manager

" I arrived in the company in 2005 and there was already a LASIT laser marker, we are satisfied and in the meantime, another 2 have arrived. From my personal point of view, I have always had the answers to improve marking and to create easier files to be used by the various operators. Very satisfied."

Michael Mazzolini Technical Manager

"After a visit and a tour of the Lasit assembly plant, we were immediately impressed by the company which, like us, offers a very personalized service oriented towards excellence and quality."

Francesco Masi Project Manager

"And our choice couldn’t have been better. A dynamic and efficient factory, always ready to meet our requirements, but most of all, the best in terms of technology and quality! Professionalism, courtesy, and availability is what you get whenever you call them!"

Sergio Paraboni Project Manager

"Regarding the presale assistance and during the sale (shipping) nothing to complain. As for the software and hardware, I cannot evaluate them as the machine was shipped directly to our customer. If I need other marking lasers I think I will contact Lasit."

Fabio Bassi Technical Manager

"Excellent company. Even if they are not exactly around the corner, they showed me their premises and presented their products via WebTV. The support during the purchasing and installation stage has been perfect. They keep helping us with the laser marker->home even months after we’ve purchased it. A superb STAFF!"

Luca Bernardi Project Manager

"I have used other laser brands. You are always a bit wary at the beginning, but gradually I got to notice the power of Lasit laser systems, the hardware’s precision, the software’s multiple possibilities to automate and programme the production. A practical and fast laser. A solution is always easy to find. Their technical assistance is another strength: extremely professional and efficient."

Massimo Sergi Project Manager

"Our need to have a laser marker "in house" was dictated by the large amount of plates to be produced. Finally, at the fair, we met LASIT and the great professionalism of the operators, the versatility of the marking machine and the ease of use, meant that the decision was finally made! Very satisfied with the choice made!"

Giuseppe Denaro Electro-Technical Officer

"We immediately felt very comfortable with LASIT, high quality, fast in its operations, always friendly and helpful assistance."

Bernardo Scalici CEO

"I believe I have made an excellent investment."

Angelo Anglani Project Manager

"Our relationship with Lasit dates back to 2006 and was absolutely positive both technically and personally."

Andrea Sossella Maintenance Manager

"We bought a laser machine to replace an old one. The experience was great and the assistance was quick and effective. We have improved in productivity and quality."

Enrico Baroncini Maintenance Manager

"Great product and efficient service"

Massimiliano Cesarini Global Sales Manager

"Now that I’m using the laser marker, I’m really satisfied with choosing LASIT. All staff is really kind and impeccable professionalism."

Ivan Maestrini Sales Manager

"Almost total makeover of an old machine from another brand ... flawlessly done, Lasit technical aspect for final evaluation, but at the moment everything seems perfect. Compliments."

Marco di Maio Quality and After Sales Manager

"After the first meeting at the A&T fair in Turin, we understood that the relationship with LASIT could go further, and so it was !! Now our products are perfect. We are very satisfied with the operation and the ease of processing. They are correct, precise and the after-sales service is impeccable. They will be a point of reference for our future decisions."

Gino Favero CEO

"Well organized company. Very satisfied with the quality and service. We have already purchased 3 laser markers."

Marco Pieri CFO

"Great product and great service."

Sergio Bighi CEO

"The laser marker Towermark Z is very satisfying, there’s a really good value for money and the Activation online service is flawless as it’s flawless the Technical training the team Lasit made in our company. A great thank you to all the team for the cordiality and the professionalism demonstrated, and a special thanks to Marco Ievoli for the treatment and the trust that gave to me."

Nicola Trevisan Sales Manager

"A great expertise and professionality in laser technology and laser marking field with a strong care of the client. After the first customized laser marking system in layout and the communication with the internal MES system, we’ve integrated LASIT systems also in CAREL group foreign factories."

Elisa Lambertini Sales Manager

"The delivery of the laser marker was perfectly in time. The installation was quick and effective, the system is quite easy to use. We’re already using the laser to mark our components. Really satisfied."

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