A Data Matrix code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode consisting of black and white “cells” or modules arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern. The information to be encoded can be text or numeric data. Error correction codes are often used to increase reliability: even if one or more cells are damaged (up to the 30%) so it is unreadable, the message can still be read. A Data Matrix symbol can store up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters.
You can select this function from the menu which is displayed clicking on the magic wand icon in the jobs’ tree. A new DataMatrix will appear, with the default name of DataMatrix# (where # stands for a progressive number).


In theory speaking, a squared DataMatrix can encode up to 3116 numbers o 2335 alphanumerical characters in an area of 144×144=20736 cells.
Rectangular DataMatrix contain much less characters. The limit is 98 numbers or 72 characters for a matrix of 16×48 (rows/columns).

Once selected, in the window below the jobs’ tree you can modify the properties of the DataMatrix in the Feature properties window.

  1. In the first section, “DataMatrix” you can either change the name of the DataMatrix, or enable/disable it, lock/unlock it or change the displaying color.

  2. In the “Code Content” section you can choose which type of DataMatrix you prefer (square, rectangular or QR code) or import a matrix by a text file.

  1. N.B.

    QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) use an encoding system like DataMatrix but they are more employed in the consumer world than the industrial system because they are normally designed to be read by a smartphone.

  2. In Geometry you can set the DataMatrix position relating to X-Y axes, the height and the rotation, but also the Reverse effect which inverts the marking tonality according to the material, creating an Offset zone (which can be modified) and the Mirrored Text effect which creates and marks a specular image of the drawing.

  3. In Cells Filling you can choose the type of filling you prefer for the cells: SQUARE (with lines or spiral) CIRCLES or HATCHING. You can also set the parameters relating to the filling step and the cells adjust for width and height.

  4. You can choose to display the DataMatrix data as an alphanumerical code, that is to say a text which is human readable in case of problems in the automatic reading devices: you just have to enable the Human Readable Text function. Please refer yourself to How to modify a text and How to create a new text style in the specific section about the creation of a text.

  5. Enabling the ARRAY function you can personalize the DataMatrix organizing more strings in a matrix. You can choose the number of rows and columns but also the distance between them.

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