How to invert the jog directions

In FlyControl modify and reload the MDrive_34_1.mxt file.

  1. Close Lasit software

  2. In FlyControl folder you will find all mxt files: Y_MDrive34_1.mxt, X_MDrive34_1.mxt, Z_MDrive34_1.mxt and so on.

  1. Make a backup of the mxt file relative to the Axis where you need to invert direction

  2. Open the original file

  3. Look for rows where you have LB M2 and N2=512-I5 or N2=I5-512

  1. Invert, i.e.: N2=512-I5 to 512-I5 or vice versa

  2. Then, after saved, open FlyControl

  3. Select the axis to change

  4. Click on Upload and wait

WARNING: If you have power loss during uploading you may break the motor

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