Lasers in the center of the world

LASIT is part of the El.En. group and is the group’s division completely dedicated to laser marking. Founded in Florence, Italy in 1981, El.En. is the leader of a group of companies dedicated to the production of lasers for use in medicine, industry and art restoration.

Over the years, thanks to constant research and development, the company started developing and producing a family of lasers for use in medicine and industry. The company’s ability to design a number of laser sources has allowed it to develop applications for medicine and beauty, for the cutting and marking industry, for welding, and for the conservation of cultural assets.

Since its founding, El.En. S.p.A. has increased its turnover by conquering new markets and new divisions, pioneering the value of Made in Italy in the world.

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The value and the safety
of people

LASIT shares El.En.’s policies for valuing people. We strongly believe that human resources are a company’s greatest asset and that expertise and commitment are an engine for growth.

Above all, like El.En., LASIT also believes in the value of young people. Almost 30% of the people on our team are less than 30 years old.

Our commitment aims to guarantee a constructive, dynamic work environment that supports the heterogeneity of people and talents, that is stimulating and offers opportunities for professional growth. Human resource management targets integration respects diversity, and promotes new viewpoints.


We are committed to guaranteeing a healthy and safe working environment that complies with the standards in terms of worker health and safety. Our goal is to spread and develop the awareness of risks related to the work performed and promote responsible behavior by all workers, with targeted programs that ensure the maximum level of awareness and sensitivity in terms of safety.


Expansion into new markets

At the end of 2000, El.En. was taken public in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, immediately proving to be a solid company, with strong income and a cutting-edge product line. In 2005, Cynosure was also listed on the NASDAQ (in the US). El.En. S.p.A.’s revenue began to grow again in 2012, exceeding previous values and the positive trend that has always distinguished the group. Today, the company counts on a widespread national and international presence, with more than thirty companies working in Italy and a network of international distributors.


El.En. S.p.A. helps bring Made in Italy to the world through technologically advanced solutions that are highly innovative, designed with commitment, and easy to use.

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