The importance of extraction systems in laser markers

Laser marking and engraving can change a material both physically and chemically.

Specifically, laser marking melts the material, whereas laser engraving makes it vaporize.

Both these processes release microparticles, which are invisible to the naked eye.
The human eye can see up to 20 microns. A grain of sand is 100 microns small, human hair is 70 microns small, and pollen is about 10 microns small.

LaserMARKING-Polveri The importance of extraction systems in laser markers
Filtri The importance of extraction systems in laser markers
Aspiratore The importance of extraction systems in laser markers

Both the environment and human beings should never come in contact with the fumes resulting from laser processes. Prolonged exposure to these fumes can be toxic and damage the respiratory tract.

Extraction systems prevent these problems and allow you to work in a clean and healthy environment.

What’s the purpose of an extraction system?


Laser efficiency

The laser optical system is sensitive to micro-powders that deposit on the lens, damaging them and jeopardizing the efficiency of the laser and the quality of the laser marking. Without an extraction system, there’s no control over residual particles, and the damage can be irreversible.
The efficiency and performance of the laser marker depend on a good extraction system.


Operator’s safety

Exposure to harmful substances can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems to the operators who come in contact with laser fumes. Air purification is essential to protect the health of those who work with a laser marker.
Moreover, aluminum and titanium subject to laser engraving can have exothermic reactions to oxidation and cause a fire.



Non-filtered fumes damage the laser marker, operators, and the environment

Due to the physical and chemical degradation of the materials, damage can be irreversible in the long run.

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Aspirazione-EN The importance of extraction systems in laser markers
How does an extraction system work?

A fume- and powder-extraction system includes:

This apparently simple product is the result of research on the interaction between materials, processes, and chemical substances, as well as the composition and toxicity of emissions.

A high-performance extraction system will make a difference. LASIT is using a BOFA model designed for particular requirements. BOFA is a company that has been developing extraction systems for different industrial fields and applications for 30 years.

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