Flycad is too slow

Sometimes FlyCAD launch may be extremely slow, depending on different factors.

Slow Factors

The application “flycad.exe” does not have the permissions from the admin and/or there are some compatibility issues with the previous versions of Windows concerning ticks which may be still checked.

In this case, if “flycad.exe” has not already set the admin permissions to be run, set them in this way:

Right-click on “flycad.exe” properties -> Compatibility -> Modify the settings for all users -> put a tick on Run this program as admin.

If there are compatibility issues with the previous versions, then: Right-click on “flycad.exe” properties -> Compatibility -> Modify compatibility and CHECK OFF Run this program as admin

A too old version of FlyCAD has too created too many records in tb_publicSN.

In this case you have to launch “AutomaticBackup.exe”, select Execute SQL from the options menu and select the “resetSN.sql” script

Il file di Log del Database FlyControl ha assunto dimensioni elevate.

In this case you have to launch “AutomaticBackup.exe”, select Minimize Flycontrol Log File from the options menu; otherwise click on Minimize Database from the toolbar

It could be due to a problem connected to a Font chosen by the client.
In this case you have to go to the FlyCAD installation path, rename Fonts file (giving any name), uninstall FlyCAD and then re-install it; check all the client VCF files and find out which one gives problem.

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