New TowerMark XL
Easy loading / unloading operations

TowerMarkXL-news01 TowerMark XL for laser engraving of circular blades

This was made to facilitate the operations of loading/unloading of very heavy items; in fact, it is fitted with an external carriage and an internal ball table, which are a help to the operator when doing that job.

It was mainly designed for laser marking circular blades, but, thanks to its characteristics, laser engraving can also be done on other types of part.

  • Ball table, inner/outer, to facilitate the moving of heavy items
  • Removable upper table in aluminium per marking different parts of the circular blades
  • Customized templates of various sizes, for marking circular blades of different diameters
TowerMarkXL-news03 TowerMark XL for laser engraving of circular blades

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TowerMarkXL-news02 TowerMark XL for laser engraving of circular blades

Ball table for loading heavy articles

The machine has an external base, which can be placed on the left or the right of the machine, with a ball table mounted on it.

very heavy items, up to a maximum of 200 kg: the little mobile balls composing it allow the templates to slide easily towards the lateral opening of the marking compartment.

When the template has been loaded, it is fixed with a rear and side adjustable stop, using a handy key.