Laser Engraving on Diamonds

diamante-marcatura Laser Engraving diamonds

Are diamonds really forever?
If you mark them, of course they are!

If you are going to marry or maybe you just want to buy a gift for your love, buying a diamond is always a relevant investment.

The precious gem requires a certificate of guarantee certifying the quality of the stone. To be able to evaluate the quality of a diamond without being a professional you need to have some information about the certificate.

The most accredited certificates in the world are:
  • HRD (Diamond High Council – Hoge Raadvoor Diamond)
  • GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
  • The laser marking of jewellery consists of engraving on the belt of the diamond characters or vector images. The incision is about 100 microns high and is visible with a ten-magnification lens or, even more easily, with a microscope.

    The incision is used most to report on the diamond the number of the gemological analysis document, however it is also possible to make incisions with personalized phrases such as love messages or the date of important events.
    It should be noted that the laser engraving is only 2 microns deep, therefore it does not produce any damage and does not alter the beauty of the diamond.

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    hrd-certificate-pjhoa2hutx48292v8gk3ftylkui2ot79gwhaptupz4 Laser Engraving diamonds

    HRD (Diamond High Council - Hoge Raadvoor Diamond)

    To mark diamonds using laser, HRD Antwerp uses high-quality short-wave excimer technology. It can not be seen with the naked eye and therefore does not affect the appearance or physical value of the diamond. Laser marking can be used to match your diamond and its classification report or to personalize it with a personal message or logo.

    hrdcertificate Laser Engraving diamonds
    GIA_Logo-pjhojc6k83swgi5b8r25tkl8dv4jc6lqk2z3ogsyyo Laser Engraving diamonds

    GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

    The evaluation report of the GIA diamond includes an evaluation of the 4C – color, purity, cut and carat weight – along with a graphic diagram of its clarity features and a graphical representation of the proportions of the diamond. For standard round brilliant cut diamonds that fall in the D to Z color range, the ratio also includes a GIA Cut grade.

    certificazione-gia Laser Engraving diamonds

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