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Industry solutions

Laser marking and engraving machines for every application:



What are the applications of laser marking and engraving machines in the Automotive industry?

Automotive industry is characterized by huge production volumes and high-quality standards and it aims at the perfect traceability of its components. LASIT laser marking and engraving systems meet all these requirements because they allow for perfect marks on all types of materials and guarantees a clear reading and verification of every 2D code.

Cutting tool industry


What are the benefits of a laser marking and engraving system in the cutting tool industry?

Laser marking and engraving are being used more and more to personalize cutting tools  (for example  inserts, milling cutters, tips, blades, taps)  with logos, texts, and datamatrix features. This serves the dual purpose of highlighting the manufacturer’s name and clearly showing the technical features of the tool. Marking is contact-less and creates a strong contrast on the surface of the mark, that is by no means damaged.  Finally, one of the advantages of the laser marking process is that it is economical and it is also easy to use. It reduces the number of phases in production and increases efficiency and, above all, productivity.

Material Plastic


Why should I use laser cutting and engraving machines for the plastic materials?

LASIT has a wide range of laser cutting and engraving machines, including CO2, fiber, green laser and UV solutions, which offer permanent marking, resulting
in perfect traceability for all types of plastic materials. Depending on the type of plastic, laser machining has several advantages, such as an extreme precision and clean cutting edges but also a high-speed production.

Wood industry


Why a laser cutting and engraving machine is the best solution for woodworking?

Laser cutting and engraving machines are the ideal solution for working on wood.  With our laser engraving machines it is possible to carry out unlimited manufacturing solutions for soft, hard and painted woods and thus for a wide range of products,  mainly those which involve personalization: accessories, industrial tools, toys, gift articles, decorative items, souvenirs, labels, furniture and so on.

Labels and tags


What are the benefits of using a laser marking and engraving system for working on labels and tags?

A laser marking and engraving system is the most suited tool when it comes to automatically marking and engraving plates in various sizes, labels, film, or industrial tags. They can all be customized with technical and variable data,
DataMatrix codes, logos, QR codes, and bar codes. Moreover, engraving machines give perfect results for both standard and custom applications, and for both individual and serial production.

Medical industry


Why a laser marking and engraving machine should be employed in medical industry?

A laser marking and engraving machine is the ideal solution for  all types of medical components because laser machining do not interfere with the device, it provides permanent, non-toxic marks and there are no issues with corrosion.  Medical equipment is marked with logos, serial numbers, bar codes, or QR Codes, which allow for the identification of each instrument.


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