Compactmark G8

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CompactMark G8 is a multi-functional center for laser marking. It is entirely made of welded steel, and precision machined with ground ways and ball screws. It is configured with 3 standard positioning axes that can be expanded to 9 axes with optional “C” axis, rotating head, palletized pick and place or conveyors.

The Z axis, operated by the FlyCAD marking software, allows us to mark different thicknesses up to 400mm. All motors feature integrated encoders which can be controlled via a 3-axis joystick. This state of the art Smart Focus Technology enables the operator to utilize the preview function. In this way, he can immediately focus and center with no effort to begin marking.


Maximum Productivity
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Thanks to the movement on the X axis of the worktop and of the Y axis, the CompactMark G8 allows to mark an area of ​​600x400mm. This laser marker can be used both to engrave on a single detail or on a pallet with hundreds of small pieces positioned. It always maintain a perfect centering. Also on the table it is possible to place details with a weight up to 150Kg.

Welded Steel Frame
Thumbs-CompactMarkG7-01 CompactMark G8

CompactMark G8 is extremely rigid and ergonomic: its frame was developed entirely in welded steel. After thermal expansion, the frame is carefully finished to create support surfaces for screws and sliding guides. The advantages are higher acceleration of the axes without vibration, stability, and resistance.

Marking cylindrical pieces
Thumbs-CompactMarkG7-02 CompactMark G8

FlyCAD software in combination with the W axis allows Laser Marking on the cylinders. The resolution of the Axis W is of 65,536 steps/rev and the mechanics are so precise that there are no radial games. This is an essential condition for obtaining precise markings without notice of the conjunction between the different parts of the design.

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Rotating axis




Metal Sheet




Technical Features

Working Position

Stand Up

Working Plane size

800X450 mm

Available Marking Area

ø140 with FFL160
ø220 with FFL254
ø290 with FFL330

Maximum Marking height

400 mm with FFL140

Type of laser

Optic Fiber or MOPA

Maximum weight on the plane

150 Kg

Type of door


Machine size

Height: 2420 mm
Length: 1135 mm
Depth: 1296 mm