The world’s largest laser marker is LASIT’s Fly Gantry MAG


How everything began

LASIT is known for its customized laser markers whose articulated integrations and structures can be as large as a bedroom or a small van.

This time we’ve exceeded ourselves by creating the world’s largest laser marker in terms of dimensions and production capacity.

It all began in Las Vegas

The Fly Gantry MAG project started in Las Vegas during the 2018 SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association) Expo.

For its first event in the United States, LASIT showcased the Pen Feeder and TowerMark X laser markers.

John and Simon from A. company, stopped by the stand attracted by the automation of the pen-laser marker. This system featured two lasers, which could allow them to work on components with different materials using the same machine.


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The idea

Gio Ievoli started the first of thousands of conversations with John and Simon to perfect the Fly Gantry MAG, the world’s largest laser marker (50 sq.m).

The company processes almost one million components with different shapes and materials per month. John and Simon attended SGIA to find and buy a suitable laser system (4 according to their supplier’s product analysis).

Company’s requirements

The multitude of components to mark is just one of the problems LASIT has solved with a 208-pallet system for 16 magazines. In one year, John and Simon have made the following requests to Giò:

LASIT solutions

Instead of four machines, LASIT offered a solution with four magazines, which became eight and then doubled again.

The 208 automated pallets house templates where flasks, lighters, key rings, diaries, pens, cups and all sorts of gadgets are placed. This is what LASIT has designed:

In one year of continuously personalized implementations, the managers of the Fly Gantry MAG project developed a laser marker that allowed LASIT to break a new record

Rosario Sessa


Mechanical Design Team Leader

Pasquale Accurso


Software Development Team Leader

Pasquale Ercolano


Quality and process control Team Leader

The next article will tell more about the story behind the Fly Gantry MAG, showing how this piece of art is revolutionizing the world of gadget marking.


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Date: 18/11/2020

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