Immagine2-jpg Rototower

The Rototower laser marker guarantees maximum productivity in a small unit.


This marker has all the advantages of a rotary table marker, plus it’s compact. Its Z-axis is 300 mm. In manual mode, using a side door, it can mark parts up to 300 mm tall with its 140-mm diameter lens. The motor with encoder is managed directly by FlyCAD. This marker has light curtains to protect the operator from potentially hitting the table while it rotates. Rototower is not a simple combination of a “commercial” rotary table with a Z-axis. It is a dedicated laser marking cell designed with FEM engineering.

Main features


This laser marker combines increased productivity with a lower profile. Only 1,100 mm wide and 1,300 mm deep, it can be easily placed in your factory, without having to sacrifice a 600-mm diameter table.


Gages are essential for rotary table machines because the part must be centered and held during rotation. To simplify assembly, the table has two placements, one on each side, perfectly aligned with the center of rotation to ensure precision on both stations.


The X-axis movement extends the laser’s working field, thanks to its 500-mm axis stroke. This means it can mark pallets with more parts, and the same part can be marked in multiple positions. The maximum marking area is 600 x 100 mm with the FFL 160 lens and 655 x 155 mm with the FFL 254 lens.

Compatible Accessories

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Technical features

Working position


Working table


Maximum marking area

Ø 140 mm with FFL 160 lens

Ø 220 mm with FFL 254 lens

Axes stroke


Laser type

Fiber, MOPA, or Green

Max. weight on table

10 kg per station

Inspection door



Height 2,100 mm

Width 1,100 mm

Depth 1,300 mm

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