Towermark XYZ

XYZ Towermark XYZ

This laser marker is the 3-axis version of our most popular model, the Towermark X. This system has been developed to address more demanding production needs and is ideal for businesses that need to mark large parts.

The working table is fixed, and the axis system is built as a single body.

Its main advantages are:

This type of laser marker is suitable for marking hundreds of parts a day and/or very large parts (even 1,000 x 500 mm) such as metal sheets or circular blades.


The heart of the machine is the XYZ axes system that consists of a unit supported by the exterior structure consisting of Bosch profiles. The layout and stability of the machine are independent of the exterior structure.


Towermark XYS is not a commercial 3-axis combination. Instead, it is a real Laser machining center designed with FEM techniques. This makes it compact, rigid, and precise.

Main features

Large marking area

The combined motion of the XYZ axes covers an area of 1,000x500x500mm, and the steel structure guarantees the stability and rigidity of the entire system.

Rotating head

The rotating head allows the scanning head to be turned from 0 to 90°. From there, the laser marker can reach various points on the part. This simplifies the placement and construction of the bed and automates marking surfaces that are at different angles to each other.


This laser marker is set up for integration with several accessories, like the rotating head. Additionally, it can be equipped with a 3-axis-head to mark cylindrical parts, with a W-axis (and a tailstock if needed) and lateral vision or TTL systems.




W-axis (with tailstock)


TTL vision system


Lateral vision systems


Rotating head


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      Working position


      XYZ axes stroke

      1,000 x 500 x 500 mm

      Bed dimensions

      1,335 x 830 mm

      Laser type

      All lasers with Fiber, Green, UV, and CO2 sources

      Door type



      Height: 2,610 mm

      Width: 1,590 mm

      Depth: 2,170 mm

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