Tower Shuttle X

Cop-TowerShuttleX TowerShuttle X

TowerShuttle X is a laser marker equipped with XZ axes for marking large parts loaded on the table by a robot. It is a stable, ergonomic system that can be customized by mounting the 90° mounted laser head. This makes marking the sides of pieces fast and easy.


The main advantage of TowerShuttle is its ability to interface with a robot (and/or operator) that loads and unloads the parts outside the marking cabinet, simplifying loading and preventing any risk of collision.

The working table is on a shuttle with a closed-loop electric motor drive that has an integrated encoder located on the two double-slide pre-loaded guides.


Main features

Easy loading

The working table moves along the Y axis, allowing for parts to be effortlessly loaded outside with no risk of damage of the system. Either the operator or the robot can work perfectly safely when loading the piece.


The X-axis increases the area that can be marked. The stroke of the XZ motorized axis is 500 x 450 mm, and the stork of the shuttle that moves along the Y axis is 550 mm.

90° laser head

With the 90° laser head, the sides of pieces are easy to mark. This is very useful considering the sizes of the pieces that this laser system marks.


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Working position


XZ axes stroke

500×450 mm



Laser type

All lasers with Fiber source

Work mode

Robot (or operator)


Height: 2,290 mm

Width: 1,050 mm

Depth: 2,040 mm

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