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The MicroMark is a Class I laser engraving machine. The MicroMark is a fully enclosed compact desktop system fully CE and USA CDRH certified. The MicroMark comes with a convenient manual door and with viewing glass to allow a clear view of the marking field. The standard marking area of the machine is Ø140mm but it is possible to install lenses with a different focal length to increase the field from Ø87mm to Ø220mm. The laser can be moved along the Z axis supporting work pieces up to 200 mm in height. The axis movement can be both manual and motorized with integrated encoder and completely programmable from the PC. The motorized Z axis offers a Joystick as well which together when used with the SmartFocus can increase productivity by providing quick focusing and alignment of area to be marked. The motorized Z facilitates quick positioning and focus providing optimal marking on flat surfaces, cylindrical parts as well as complex geometries with curves and varying angles.

Additional information

Working position

Seated – Workbench

Working plane dimensions

615 x 410

Max weight on the plane


Markable max height (ø 140mm)


Available marking areas

ø100, ø140, ø220

Options which can be installed

Rotaing axis, direct rotating axis, tilting rotating axis, rotating head, drawer, side door

Type of laser

FiberFly, FlyAIR, FlyAir Green, FiberFly Green, FlyCO2

Vision system

Optional but not recommended

Type of engine

Up to 2 motors with encoder


A handle for control Z axis

Type of door

Manual folding door

Exhaust fan and filter

Supplied by Lasit which can be integrated

Pc and monitor

Provided by Lasit but separated

DMX player




Power supply

110 – 230 Vac – 50Hz

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