TowerMark X

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The TowerMark X is an extremely versatile and configurable laser engraving machine in order to meet a wide range of needs. It can be equipped with different types of laser sources (CO2, FIBER, FLYAIR, FLYAIR GREEN, GREEN FIBER, UV). It offers a lot of working space given the amount of space the machine actually takes up and still acts as a stand-alone unit, with the opportunity to add various accessories inside the unit depending on one’s needs. The work surface is 750 mm x 500 mm and comes in hardened anodized aluminum, which is scratch resistant. This surface is perforated for ease in positioning pieces and speeding up the pre-marking process.

The main feature of the TowerMark X is an innovative system that moves the laser along the X and Z axes, allowing for the marking of individual pieces in all different sizes as well as – and especially – pallets as long as 600 mm x 170 mm. This is done in such a way so as to not obstruct the work area of the marking machine at all and to utilize all available space. The X and Z axes can be fully controlled via the FlyCAD marking software. The motors, which feature an integrated encoder, can also be controlled via a joystick to immediately focus in with SmartFocus technology.

This allows the operator to immediately find the correct position for perfect marking, both on flat surfaces as well as, and especially, on pieces with complex geometric shapes. The door can be either manual or pneumatic and features a large inspection window that offers an excellent view of the marking area. There’s also the option of having a convenient drawer for making it easier to load and unload the pieces to be marked. Inside the marking cabin, we can also install a rotating axis to mark on cylindrical pieces, a rotating head to mark on pieces inclined at up to 90 degrees, a vision system for recognizing pieces, and a DMX system for checking quality.

Additional information

Working position

Stand up

Working plane dimensions

750 x 500

Max weight on the plane


Markable max height (ø 140mm)


Available marking areas

ø140, ø220, ø310

Options which can be installed

Rotaing axis, direct rotating axis, tilting rotating axis, metal sheet tightener

Type of laser

FiberFly, FlyAIR, FlyAir Green, FiberFly Green, FlyCO2

Vision system

Optional – both TTL and Reflex

Type of engine

Up to 4 motors with encoder



Type of door

Manual or pneumatic

Exhaust fan and filter

Integrated into the base – optional

Pc and monitor

Integrated into the base and monitor holder

DMX player




Power supply

110 – 230 Vac – 50Hz

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