TowerMark XL

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The TowerMark XL is a larger version of the TowerMark laser engraving machine which can be configured with many options and axes for laser engraving, marking and cutting. It is characterized by its exceptional flexibility. The system is available with many features that allow you to expand the capability of the machine XY tables, programmable Z axis, rotary indexer (chuck or 5 c collet), and an optional rotating scan head for wrapping text on multiple cylindrical parts).

The FlyCAD software allows you to mark multiple lines of text, logos, data matrix, bar codes. The oversized enclosure provides increased through put with the ample space for marking large parts or marking large arrays of parts in trays. The programmable Z axis has a stroke of 450 mm in the standard system but can be expanded to 700 mm if needed. The TowerMark XL can be equipped with X and Y tables with a stroke of 300×300 mm.

The tables are operated by DC stepper motors. The rotary indexer (C axis) provides for marking or wrapping text, logos, around cylindrical parts. This rotary axis is controlled by the computer and FlyCAD software. The software and rotary indexer are uniquely designed to automatically mark on inclined parts, conical shapes without having to reposition the parts or the marking head.

Additional information

Working position

Stand up

Working plane dimensions

800 x 950

Max weight on the plane


Markable max height (ø 140mm)


Available marking areas

ø100, ø140, ø220, ø310

Options which can be installed

Rotaing axis, direct rotating axis, tilting rotating axis, rotating head, metal sheet tightener, XY tables

Type of laser

FiberFly, FlyAIR, FlyAir Green, FiberFly Green, FlyCO2

Vision system

Optional – both TTL and Reflex

Type of engine

Up to 5 motors with the encoder


Up to 3 axis

Type of door


Exhaust fan and filter


Pc and monitor

Integrated into the base and monitor holder

Power supply

110 – 230 Vac – 50Hz

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