IR Fiber active laser

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FiberFly laser uses the most innovative technology at with active fiber doped with Ytterbium. It is the ideal laser solution for precision laser engraving, marking, micro-machining and cutting of plastic and metal materials. 

Fiber technology has provided extraordinary leaps in laser technology. The expected laser life provides more than 100,000 hours of marking. This is due to the use of “single emitter” diodes as well as the fully integrated design and construction of the optical components. In order to guarantee additional protection against overvoltage or power blackouts, LASIT an interference filtration system. This design is standard on each FiberFly system that is built. 

The real effectiveness is verified by a noise generator. Moreover, a flexible stainless steel tube protects and guides the connection cables as well as the optical fiber.


Rack Unit

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An additional layer of steel armour cabling further protects the cables. This tube has a diameter of 25 mm. This minimizes the possibility of accidental breakage, and it creates additional protection against any electromagnetic interference or electrostatic discharge. The marks created with the FiberFly system are accurate, indelible and have no environmental impact whatsoever, unlike inks and chemicals.

Wavelength: 1064 nm

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The IR wavelength which is an abbreviation for Infrared Ray is the most versatile wavelength of light for laser processing. As the name implies, IR is the spectrums outside of red, which are invisible to human eyes (i.e. longer than 780 nm).


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• A wide range of processing applications from resins to metals;
• Cannot process transparent objects like glass as the laser passes through such objects;
• Creates contrast on resins easily.
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Acciao-03 Fiber Fly
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Technical features




Active fiber laser doped with Ytterbium


1060-1070 nm

Beam Quality

M² < 1.8
(measured and real)

Pointing laser

Red laser diode coaxial within the laser beam, with marking area simulation to aid the positioning of the part to be marked

Pulse Frequency

From 20 KHz to 200 KHz (optional 1MHz)

Electrical connection

110-230 Vac (L+N+Gnd)


Air cooled for 10-20-30-50W – Water cooled for 100W

Interconnection cable

Stainless steel armoured ø25mm length 3 mt

Operating Temperature

15°C – 35°C without condensation