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Control 360°

The FlyControl program integrates within the monitoring software of the subsystems that form the laser marking machine. A user layered system allows to access to the different sections of monitoring, configuration and control. With FlyControl the user can monitor the FiberFly structure, when necessary, to control the functionality. FlyControl is the graphical representation of all the settings of the marking system, it allows the modification in a simple and intuitive way or, if necessary, the identification of any kind of anomaly.


Management and diagnostics of different types of motors:

– RS232 with integrated encoder
– RS232 Stepper
– Pantec Eagle


Measurement and automatic dimensioning of axes stroke. Management and remote diagnostics of a potentially infinite number of lasers. Ability to create one or more accounts with different access permissions and settings. Backup and restore of all machine settings easily and quickly in a single file SQL SERVER.

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