Mark small cylindrical components

FlyDrill07-1024x857 FlyDrill
FlyDrill is a laser marking machine that was created to mark small cylindrical parts via 360-degree rotation. Its system offers complete visibility for easy and precise centering that takes into account the mechanical construction of the piece to be laser marked. It has two axes, including an axis for focusing in (integrated vision system) and an axis C that allows for the rotation of the piece with a resolution of 2,048 steps/rev.

This system can also use a rotation axis that has a very high resolution in order to offer extreme precision in marking or engraving pieces. It has an inspection door that allows the operator to set up the rotation axis or easily switch out the grippers.

FlyDrill is a laser marking machine for making a large number of pieces thus it has been created to allow the operator to sit in a very comfortable position and work quickly so that he can easily put his arm into a side opening without having to open and shut the main lift door.

Copertina-News-flyDrill FlyDrill

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