Fly UV
For high contrast marking on very sensitive products

Powermark-FiberFly-Laser-Thumbs-1 Fly UV

The Fly UV ultraviolet laser marking can make high contrast markings on sensitive products.  Fly UV colours the surface of the product with a photochemical process. 

The heat produced by the marking is so limited that it does not damage even the most sensitive materials.

The FlyUV, therefore, guarantees optimal results for different applications, such as transparent or colored hoses, medical plastics for invasive applications and fire protection plastics for component housings.


Reliability and Security

Thumbs-FiberFly-02 Fly UV

With a typical pulse duration of 20 ns and a radius diameter of 10 µm, the FlyUV treats surfaces without damaging them. This is the main difference between this laser and a normal infrared laser for marking on plastic. 
This laser is ideal for laser marking on medical instruments. In this way catheters and insulin pumps can be given durable marking, resistant to sterilisation), glass can be reticulated, and given glossy marking.

Wavelength: 350 nm

Thumbs-LaserUV002 Fly UV

UV lasers with a wavelength of 350 nm are ideal for all those sectors that require marking on sensitive components. Building automobiles and aeroplanes, medical technology, electronics, glass; marking sensitive materials: glass, ceramics, antifire plastics, plastics and materials for invasive uses.


Thumbs-LaserUV01 Fly UV
  • Hygiene and sterilisation for medical plastics marked with laser;
  • Safety and integrity for sensitive and critical materials;
  • Marking plastics without solvents and without additives;
  • Low maintenance thanks to long-lasting diodes
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