Fly UV
For high contrast marking on very sensitive products

Powermark-uv-Laser-Thumbs1 Fly UV

FlyUV ultraviolet laser marking makes high-contrast laser marks on very delicate materials. FlyUV colors the product’s surface with a photochemical action, and the heat produced by the laser marking process is so low that there is no damage to the component.

With a typical pulse duration of 20 ns and a beam diameter of 10 µm, FlyUV guarantees optimal results for various applications, like clear or color hoses, medical plastic for invasive applications, and fire-retardant plastic for housing electronic or glass components. This laser is ideal for the medical market (catheters and insulin pumps can have long-lasting marks unaffected by sterilization) and for glass components that need to be watermarked.


As with all LASIT laser markers, this one can be integrated into the line with Profibus, Profinet, or Ethernet/IP protocols.


All our Laser Markers are qualified for Industry 4.0. LASIT supplies all the necessary technical materials and instructions for connecting the laser to the factory’s system at no additional cost. LASIT can ship this product in 48 hours.

FlyUV Pico

LASIT’s FlyUV Picosecond is a high-performance, small laser that is easy to integrate. Its tiny spot and 500 ps pulse duration guarantee high-contrast laser marking where traditional UV lasers cannot reach.

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      campione-fiber-uv Fly UV
      Benefits and applications of the Powermark FlyUV
      The Powermark FlyUV, with its 350 nm wavelength, is ideal for laser marking delicate components.

      Powermark FlyUV is used in several industries on various materials and meets functional and aesthetic requirements.

      Powermark FlyUV: Instructions for Use

      Instructions for Stand-Alone Use

      In this mode, the laser operates without a command PC, and it can be integrated into production lines with limited space.


      It does not require an operator interface, and installation is much faster.

      Manage multiple lasers with a single PC

      As an alternative to FlyCAD, the FlyPowermark software with a fully customizable operator interface is available for automated environments. It can manage several data input modes, for example, access to the company factory system (database, web services, TCP/IP). It can potentially manage an infinite number of lasers, making it possible to design applications to command all the lasers on the line simultaneously.

      Marking examples

      sistema-TTL Fly UV
      Cameras for reading and grading DataMatrix codes

      In addition to the lateral vision system, LASIT equips its laser markers with the TTL vision system. This vision system is directly integrated into the laser scanning head and is perfect for validating (reading and grading) DataMatrix codes without moving the laser or the camera.

      This is possible because the light reflected by the part is directed on the camera’s detector in the same exact path as the laser beam.

      The integrated circular light offers a clear view inside the framed area, and the brightness can be adjusted.

      There are two possible scenarios for DMC validation:

      Technical Features



      Beam diameter

      10 µm

      Pulse duration

      500 ps to 10 ns

      Marking area

      It depends on the focal point


      Standard I/O – Custom interface

      Cooling method


      Housing weight

      21 kg

      Laser and scanner weight

      9 kg

      Communications protocol

      Profinet, Profibus, Ethernet, RS232

      Available power

      1, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 W

      Available focal distance
      Marking distance (mm)
      Marking area (mm)

      EFL 100

      150 ± 10

      □ 87 (61x61)

      EFL 254

      325 ± 10

      □ 220 (150x150)

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