Laser Marking for Promotions:
Color Automation

PROMO-scaled Laser Marking for Promotions: Color Automation

Promotions manufacturers have specific requirements for laser marking promotional items: high productivity, extreme versatility, and marking intricate decorations on surfaces that are not flat.


LASIT can meet the needs of promotional item manufacturers across the board. Over the years, the company has continued to verticalize its technology and research serving this market. 


Over the last five years, 23 new systems have been developed and more than 400 machines have been installed that address the promotions market’s hardware and software needs.

Why use a laser for promotions

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2-814x1024 Laser Marking for Promotions: Color Automation

Laser vs. Pad Printing

Compared to pad printing, laser offers clear advantages. With pad printing, a cliché (which in turn must be made if not already available) change is required to change design, whereas with a laser marker, everything is software-controlled in just a few seconds.

There are even differences in pre-setting times. Pad printing needs from 3 to 7 minutes, which undermines productivity, whereas laser marking needs only 50 to 180 seconds.

The LASIT advantage

LASIT solutions for marking promotional items
Penfeeder: Automatic marking of pens
Fly Gantry Mag: The new frontier in automation
Towerslide X
Polaris: automatic marking of water bottles

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