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Labels and tags

Automatic tag marking and
engraving systems

Lasit systems for laser marking on labels and tags are designed with the highest accuracy in order to provide extreme precision and
high definition. We offer ideal solutions to automatically mark and engrave plates in various sizes,
labels, film, or industrial tags. They can all be customized with technical and variable data,
DataMatrix codes, logos, QR codes, and bar codes, depending on one’s specific requirements.

Best results for every tag

Our laser marking systems can design all types of labels, including name and industrial tags.
Lasit offers the best laser solutions for both standard and custom applications, and for
both individual and serial production.

Automatic pick and place systems

We create and manufacture laser marking machines equipped with pick & place systems.
These systems allow labels, tags, and plates to be selected and marked one by one.
The pieces are marked and then automatically released into specific collection trays.

  • FlyLabel 4 is the ideal solution for marking different size plates, labels, or tags. The standard version offers 4 loaders, each of which can hold up to 400 labels with a thickness of .5mm. The process is automated as the laser runs along the X axis. The X axis is motorized and has a stroke of 800mm. After marking one tag, the laser automatically moves to the next position to mark the next tag.

    This system is also available as a pick & place system in which the labels, tags, and plates are selected one by one as they are released from a magazine and brought to the marking area. The laser marks the part, and then automatically releases the part into one of 10 collection trays or magazines. There is a system for managing the data needed to carry out marking, and it can be tailored to specific needs for each application. Data can come from a database, an Excel spreadsheet, or a simple text file that has been properly formatted.
    The FlyLabel 4 system is also equipped with a motorized Z axis. With this additional axis, the machine can also be used as a traditional marking system compensating for varying heights and thicknesses of other types of parts.


  • Surface roughness testing
    and DataMatrix readability

    Our laser marking systems provide excellent results through surface roughness measurements and salt spray cabinet testing. These processes do not compromise the integrity of the marked part. In addition, being able to mark labels and tags with serial numbers and codes provides the end user with perfect traceability, which is necessary in industrial and commercial fields.

The ideal system for marking tags

LabelMark is the best laser engraving system for automatically marking plates in different sizes.
It has a loader label height of 200mm with feeder up top with adjustable width and length. There is a piston
that keeps the stack of tags lined up between two fixed supports, positioned for correct focal length.

Custom loaders for marking
labels of different sizes

Laser marking on TESA



  • TESA – Automatic pay-off stand with cutter

    Lasit produces laser marking and engraving systems customized with automatic pay-off stands and cutters. This process of marking on film is perfect for showing if tampering has occurred and allowing for articles to be encoded for the industrial and commercial markets.

TowerMark X with automatic label dispenser

Lasit is able to offer a brand-new version of TowerMark with an automatic label dispenser
of adjustable width and length to laser mark or engrave labels of every size.


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