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Medical Industry

Best laser solutions for the medical industry

LASIT designs and manufactures systems that are ideal solutions for laser marking medical devices. In no other industry is precision more critical than in the medical instruments industry
where projects often involve unique requirements and challenges.

  • Permanent results and
    unique identification

    Laser marking offers permanent, non-toxic results. Medical equipment is marked with logos, serial numbers, bar codes, or QR Codes, which allow for the identification of each instrument.
    The results do not interfere with the device and there are no issues with corrosion.

  • Annealing and circular laser marking

    Annealing is the ideal process to use in carrying out circular laser marking for dental industry components. The results are precise down to the millimeter, resistant to wear, and the integrity of the material marked is not compromised. What’s more, the selective parameterization of the laser can be used for modifying the color scale in order to improve the readability of results.

Micro engraving and Micro DataMatrix features

Here at Lasit we offer a full range of affordable solutions in order to provide micro engraving, which is sometimes
impossible to accomplish without a laser marking system or which can often be very expensive with other systems.


The TTL Vision System for absolute precision

The TTL Vision System is indispensable when
it comes to the precise centering of marking.

  • The TTL (through the lens) vision system is the ideal solution for centering and positioning the marks on very small pieces when extreme accuracy and high definition are required. A high-definition camera (CCD-charge coupled device) is placed before the scanning unit to follow the same optical path of the laser. This technology allows the operator to view exactly what will be marked and aids in centering the marks. The camera management software, which is fully integrated into FlyCAD, allows for operating in various modes, such as “vision only,” “manual centering vision” and “automatic centering vision.”

  • In the automatic centering mode, the system identifies, focuses, and automatically directs the text or the drawing to be marked. This process occurs by choosing the “area” mode for the recognition of the photo created as a model or “edge” which provides centering through pattern recognition.
    The vision system comes with a flexible lighting system made for each specific application. The TTL vision system is the ideal solution for the recognition of small parts, when needing to center marks on the head of a screw for medical implants and other finely detailed parts. The maximum viewing area is 30×20 mm.

Laser marking in a series for mass
production of small pieces




    “Green light” laser ideal for plastic components

    Green light laser technology is ideal for marking plastic components in the medical industry. The FiberFly Green marking machine, for example, uses the same innovative technology as FiberFly, with the addition of a duplication crystal wavelength. The difference between the two can be seen in the wavelength, which becomes 532nm, the pulse duration (the minimum duration is 1 ns) and maximum working frequency, which is 600 kHz.

  • Incomparable quality and biocompatibility

    The laser offers incomparable quality in marking a surface without compromising the sterility of the medical component. The results are smooth and dross-free and respect the same biocompatibility of the material of the component. Even cleaning with highly alkaline substances or sterilizing at high temperatures will not damage the marked pieces.

Resistance to corrosion

The laser achieves permanent, non-corrosive, and non-toxic results. LASIT marking systems are fast and
flexible and are widely used in working with materials employed in the medical industry,
such as polymers, stainless steel, titanium, and other alloys.

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