Automatic markings in lina

rollercoaster-01 RollerCoaster

The RollerCoaster system is an automatic laser marking machine with a closed loop line for the machining of work pieces placed on a pallet. These parts can be cylindrical placed in pallets that continuously travel through the line, are indexed to be marked and then are automatically unloaded. The overall dimensions as well as the numbers of pallets can be customized and defined based on the production needs of the customer.

Cylindrical parts are loaded quickly into the fixture with varying diameters and the pallets move around in a loop to be marked and unloaded. The marking area has a built in stop to index the pallet which consistently produces accurate, precise, repeatable marks. The programmable and motorized Z axis controlled from a PC provides for automatic marking on the same pallet with parts that have varying heights.

Once the marking is completed, it can be downloaded automatically with a rollover system.

An optional vision system can be integrated as well. The pallets are loaded prior to marking and the laser starts to mark each pallet in a continuous loop. Each pallet is transported to the marking chamber to be indexed and marked. After the marking is completed the pallet is released and then passes to the automatic discharge station (if included in the system) where it continues in the loop on a slide and returns to the loading station.

incisori-laser-marcatura-incisione-incisore-macchina-marcatrice-marcatore-lasit-rollercoaster-3 RollerCoaster

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