Automatic marking of Motor shafts

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Sarema is a system that provides for automatic laser marking recognition of 8 to 12 crankshafts at one time. The laser system offers programmable motorized X, Y, and Z axes which are controlled by the PC. X (1000mm), Z (100mm) and Y (30mm). 

This systems can simultaneously mark 5 shafts all of which can be loaded at the same time. Given the considerable weight of these parts, a convenient slide-out table is employed to load each shaft. Each station has a plate with a bearing support for the centering and the rotation of the shaft which is then locked into position with a pneumatic system.

The operator presses the start button which triggers the closing of the pneumatic door with sensors.

This automatic process facilitates pulling data from a customer database, marking the part with the data and reading and verifying the mark. During this automated process the operator can be loading and unloading the other shafts. This optimizes machine on time providing the greatest through put.

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