LASIT Laser Polska: The winning team

Thanks to the collaboration of the Italian team with a close-knit and passionate group of people who represent the heart of the new company, LASIT Laser Polska officially opened its doors in May 2021.

We are proud to introduce the first members of our Polish headquarters in this article. They will be in charge of our Polish customers, old and new, and will develop all commercial activities in this country.

Ramon1 LASIT Laser Polska: the winning team


Ramon is the general manager of LASIT Laser Polska. He met and fell in love with LASIT as a customer.

He and his family have been living in Poland for the last four years. He worked in the promotional sector for many years, managing a myriad of projects that included different types of lasers.

When it came time to choose a laser marking solution, he met LASIT. He immediately befriended and started working with Gio Levoli, LASIT sales manager.
He was the one who had the idea of opening a LASIT office in Poland, steadfast in fulfilling his dream of working with laser technology.

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Marcin LASIT Laser Polska: the winning team

Marcin studied sociology and psychology at university. He became passionate about laser technology and sales after completing his studies, and has been working in this field since 2009.

Marcin has innate communication skills and is a people person. He joined the LASIT Laser Polska group driven by the chance to create something new with his hands and to work with courageous and passionate people.

Marcin’s greatest passion is his daughter. He loves to spend his spare time riding motorcycles and bicycles.


Kasha LASIT Laser Polska: the winning team

Kasia has always worked in the world of sales and customer service. She honed her communication and problem-solving skills during the 10 years she spent in the Netherlands. She always knows how to find the best solution for each customer’s need.

Having been back in her native country for the past four years, the challenge offered by LASIT Laser Polska is an amazing opportunity for her.

Kasia is also the mother of two beautiful children and loves making videos and taking photographs of her life and family.


Krzysztof LASIT Laser Polska: the winning team

Though very young, Krzysztof is already very ambitious. He qualified as a mechatronics technician at age nineteen, and has always been passionate about robots. He discovered the different applications of industrial lasers while working on a mechanical company production line, and began to study it independently.

The new LASIT Laser Polska venture provides Krzysztof with fresh challenges for showcasing his skills and growing in a new and competitive environment.

Krzysztof spends his free time studying new electronic and mechanical technologies and plans to move to Katowice, where he will buy his own apartment.

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