Lasit at the MECSPE

This year at the MECSPE, the trade fair that will take place in Parma from March 28 to 30, we will present the Compact Mark G7, the Towermark X and the new Mircomark G3, a bench-top laser marker designed to be highly functional and productive. This is why we integrated the source and electronics of the laser into the machine, which also features the opening on three sides for greater usability.

The laser today stands in a leading position in the 4.0 Industry due to its distinctive features: first of all, it is a versatile tool, which can be applied to many different materials without compromising the quality of the marking.  It is also highly productive as it can be integrated into an automated chain and reduce processing time. Finally, without doubts, it is economically convenient, as it practically does not require maintenance; it does not involve the use of additional tools and does not produce waste materials to be disposed of.

foto-1024x768 MECSPE - Parma, Italy 2019
Copertina-DMX-cosa-e MECSPE - Parma, Italy 2019

At the 4.0 Industry trade fair, we will fully plunge into Innovation and Technology, exploring the new frontiers of the industry. You will be able to test the laser marker on your own sample at our stand, observing the entire operation cycle.

Visitors will be warmly welcomed at our stand with a typical Neapolitan breakfast, to be delighted before and during the interviews with our experts. Join us at stand D59 (Pavilion 6), and don’t miss our laser-marked custom gadgets!

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