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Lasit at MECSPE 2016 – Find out our new laser marker: MicroMark GN

MECSPE has always been the Italian reference fair for the manufacturing industry, meeting point between production technologies and industrial sectors. It registers year after year an incredibly affluence of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world.

LASIT has participated also this year, maintaining continuity that has lasted for 12 years and ensuring the most innovating laser technology to employ in all the industrial domains.

MicroMark GN

LASIT desktop laser engraver, MicroMark GN, has particularly achieved resounding success, striking the visitors because it is

  • RELIABLE: Equipped with an highly reliable IPG optical fiber laser, it guarantees precise, permanent and fast marking and engraving
  • VERSATILE: It allows for processing the widest range of materials. With the new innovative 3 open sides it is possible to mark one part, an array of parts, or large, oversized parts (virtually any dimension)
  • CONVENIENT: Loading/ unloading is now much faster with no space limitations resulting in more machine on time and much greater productivity.
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