MECSPE Fair 2019
Bari - Italy

download MECSPE - Bari, Italy 2019

28/30 November 2019
New Pavilion - Stand S20

For the first time, this year MECSPE fair will have a second edition in the south of Italy, in Bari, giving the chance to southern companies to exchange views and discover new technologies.

LASIT will be present as one of the most interesting and innovative brand of the area and will show its best laser markers. As a visitor, you will have the chance to realize your custom laser marking, choosing the gadget that you like the most.

Fiera-Mecspe MECSPE - Bari, Italy 2019
Mecspe-02 MECSPE - Bari, Italy 2019

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Micormark G3

Desktop laser marking with only Z axes, able to work with robot and mark big components, thanks to the structure with opening on three sides.

Towermark X

The most versatile system that can be equipped with different accessories and configured for different applications.

Compactmark G7

High productivity machine, made with welded steel with 3 axis, that can be equipped with the rotary head and the C axes

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