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New in the world of laser marking? Are you looking for an ideal solution for you that is not so complex to apply? Are you an expert who wants to stay updated on the latest trends?

This is the right place.

We at Lasit are leaders in the laser marking industry, with many years of experience. But we too started from scratch, building our reputation with patience and professionalism. Here we are then to recommend blogs, for all levels, that have helped us to be always updated in what we do.

9 blogs for you

For those who take the first steps

If before now the laser was nothing more than science fiction for you, Laser Marking Systems is the place to start: simple explanations but exhaustive, possibility to deepen the less clear details and a particular focus on the choice of materials, make this blog the first and fundamental step to become experts in the field. </ span> Una Once you have taken your hand, Laser Focus World strengthens this knowledge, with monthly articles of various authors, who give a 360-degree view of the world of laser technology.

For experts

Those who have experience with laser marking will certainly not be able to get away Industrial Laser Solutions : competence and innovation are the keywords for this bi-monthly magazine, specifically dedicated to professionals in the sector. And for those hungry for knowledge: their blog is updated every day.

For ivi </ span>

Laser marking is a vast and fascinating field, which allows you to experiment with solutions even outside the industry: Laser Cut Laborator and MSRaynsford </ span> show us how laser technology is a valid tool for the creative sector, with their witty ideas and original: what do puzzles, shields, jewels and muffin holders have in common? The laser of course!

Always up-to - date

Is your curiosity inexhaustible? Do you want to know all the possible applications of laser technology? These 4 blogs show us the versatility of the industry: Plastic Decorating Magazine , which focuses on the benefits of using laser marking on plastics; FABTECH focuses on the use of metals in the manufacturing sector, with interesting articles on the Las Vegas conference; LiDAR News , which asks: "how 3D laser scanning helps the consumer?"; Autodesk 123D , offers a suite of applications designed for 3D design, with a special focus on laser cutting.

Why choose Lasit

The laser marking sector is a dynamic, energetic and high-tech sector. It is the basis of various applications, both for industrial ones and for shaping creativity. Lasit offers you this and much more: experience and innovation are our mantra: stay informed on our page to find out more.

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  Publication date: 02/07/2018



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