New PenFeeder Double

Reduce costs by increasing productivity

It is a custom marker for the laser engraving of small cylindrical details , such as pens.

Due to the size of the warehouse and the automatic feed mechanism, orientation and rotation of the details it is provided, the machine can work autonomously for different hours , ensuring A significant decrease in production costs and a substantial increase in productivity.

The main features are the following:

  • An automatic process of advancement, orientation and rotation of the details
  • Average productivity of about 3000 pieces per hour
  • Double engraving head to halve the cycle time
  • A pen handling system for image marking at 360° continuous

The pens are loaded into the magazine. A specially designed mechanism provides automatic loading of each single pen on the conveyor chain. This system is designed with proprietary double chains with “V” fins to optimize seamless throughput of pens.
At this point the orientation system determines if pen rotation is required. This is accomplished by a pneumatic “lift and rotate” device.

Just after the pen orientation station there is Pre-Registration Station. This device provides automatic rotations of the pen so that the clip will be aligned continuously at the same angle.
This operation is fundamental to guarantee perfectly aligned marking.

Finally, thanks to the large size of the warehouse, it is possible to load up to 400 pieces and affect them up to 3000 per hour.

Continuous image engraving at 360 °

The Marking and Rotation station provides the marking as well as to the rotation of the pen in case of 360° marking around it. The pen is put in the right position between an end-plate and a tailstock.

Then the pen is lifted to the right position and it is rotated by a PC controlled motor in order to mark all around the pen if required. At this stage the automation is stopped, a signal is sent to the laser system and the marking process will start.


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  Publication date: 30/05/2017



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