Custom pallets

We design and create customized templates for laser marking any shape or geometry

A pallet is a mold, a shape that is realized when it is necessary to mark a particular level. We design and manufacture special pallets for laser marking any shape or geometry, plus we have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of suitable materials such as PVCTecaform transparent to light for the vision system, or aluminum that make the product resistant and durable. The possibility of obtaining jigs light, functional and able to contain any shape or geometry, makes fast and comfortable loading and unloading of parts to be marked, reducing to zero the dead times.
The pallets we produce customized to fit the customer allow you to upload details of all shapes and sizes as required by the customer. Each custom template is tested by our technicians inside the machines to marking during the entire construction process, in order to obtain the best solution for loading/unloading of the parts to be laser marked.


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