XY Tables

The robust industrial XY tables are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest levels of precision in motion control as well as significant rigidity and excellent performance over time. The structure is designed from a single block of milled, perforated aluminum allowing for accurate installation of the guide system. The highest quality Schneeberger components are used in the construction.

All guides, runners, recirculating balls, screws, and nuts comply with Star ISO 5 or ISO 7 standards depending on the type of application. All axes are properly tested with a Renishaw laser interferometer to ensure they are absolutely precise and straight . The motors are stepper motors with an encoder or brushless motors with CNC control.

Strokes range from 100x100mm to 600x600mm as well as longer for customized systems. Other options include welded steel plates that are both stretched and milled with strokes up to 1200x700mm, leveling feet and a separate structure for a working area that is larger and wider as well as being extremely rigid.


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