Tilting Rotating Axis

The tilted rotation axis is the ideal solution for laser marking cylindrical, conical, or hexagonal-shaped parts. This proprietary design has evolved from the original rotation axis and is well-suited for the laser marking of small and medium-sized parts.

A notched ring allows for simple and precise tilt adjustments of the rotation axis. The system is essential when laser marking conical parts or when marking the inner side of cylindrical parts.

The laser marking process both around and inside the ring is managed by the FlyCAD software. The clamps are activated by a convenient ring nut, and the piece is held in place internally and externally.

The pliers, operated by a convenient ring nut, have been designed to allow you to work on details by grasping them both internally and externally.
A typical application of the tilting rotating system is the internal and external marking of bracelets and rings.

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