(TTL) Vision System

The TTL (through the lens) vision system is the ideal solution for centering and positioning the marks on very small pieces, such as eyeglass screws, when extreme accuracy and high definition are required. A high-definition camera (CCD-charge coupled device) is placed before the scanning unit to follow the same optical path of the laser marking.
This technology allows the operator to see exactly what will be laser marking. It aids in centering the marks.

The camera management software, which is fully integrated into FlyCAD, allows for functioning in various modes, such as “vision only”, “manual centering vision”, and “automatic centering vision.” In the automatic centering mode, the system identifies, focuses, and automatically directs the text or the drawing to be marked. This process occurs by choosing the “area” mode for the recognition of the photo created as a model or “edge” which provides centering through pattern recognition.

The vision system comes with a flexible lighting system made for each specific application. The TTL vision system is the ideal solution for the recognition of small parts, when needing to center marks on the head of a screw for medical implants and other finely detailed parts. The maximum viewing area is 30×20 mm.

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