New Compactmark G6
High Productivity - High Precision

foto-5 Precision laser engraving | Small sizes for big outputs

Precision laser engraving

This is a laser engraving machine designed to meet the needs of sectors that require great productivity and high precision, such as, for example, the sectors of precision mechanics, goldsmithery and fashion.

Thanks to its big marking area, the machine is also excellent for marking very large plates and plaques in several points without any manual actions by the operator.

  • Big marking area (600x500mm) for engraving tens or hundreds of details automatically or marking bulky articles in several points
  • Structure completely made of welded steel, stretched and milled to guarantee rigidity, stability and precision in marking and in movements
  • Possibility of increasing the functions of the system thanks to numerous accessories and additions, such as: rotating axes, rotating head, sheet metal tensioner, vision system

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Axes X and Y have a stroke of 500x400mm, and make it possible to obtain a total marking area of 2 600x500mm, which can be used for marking both a single bulky item and a pallet with tens or hundreds of articles. In this way, the total cycle time of the machine only consists of the marking time (loading/unloading operations take only a very few seconds).

The intelligent construction system of axes XZ enables maximum use to be made of the marking area: axis Z is mounted directly on axis X to optimise the space (as well as to contribute to reducing the dimensions of the laser marker). What is more, the stroke of axis Z (300 mm) can be increased up to 550 mm, for doing laser engraving on even higher items.

Copertina-NewsCompactmarkg6 Precision laser engraving | Small sizes for big outputs

The structure of the axes is entirely made of welded, stretched and milled steel, to guarantee the following advantages:

Greater acceleration of the axes without involving vibrations
Dimension stability over a long time
Rigidity in the case of moving the machine and/or accidental impacts

The axes are made with top quality components, properly assembled and tested:

Rexroth STAR Guides
Recirculating ball screws STAR ISO5 with no end play

What is more, the rectilinearity of the axes and the absolute precision of movement are measured with our Renishaw ML10 interferometer.

Imagini-Focus-2-compactmarkg6-1 Precision laser engraving | Small sizes for big outputs

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