Serial Number/Date ( SN & Date )

FlyCad SN & Date function is necessary to insert a string with a serial number and a date. This string is completely modifiable and it will be marked or engraved on the part, assuring precise and permanent results for a perfect traceability.
You can select this function from the menu which is displayed after clicking on the magic wand icon in the jobs’ tree.

The default string is composed by:

  • a prefix, a mid-string and a postfix (0 or more characters)

  • a serial number (1 to 4 ciphers)

  • date format ../../.. and eventually hour format .. : .. : .. (both modifiable)


To modify the properties of the serial number and date click on “Feature properties” in the window below the jobs’ tree.

  1. You can invert the order of the serial number and the date.

  1. You can choose which SN Modality you prefer between PUBLIC and PRIVATE. In Public modality the serial number is saved and shared in all the other drawings, while PRIVATE mode saves the serial number just in the drawing you are working on.

  2. You can change or delete the prefix, middle, suffix strings, as well as the serial number and the date format (please refer to the String codification table in this page)

  1. You can modify the properties of the text style, using a standard or a custom font. Please refer yourself to How to modify a text and How to create a new text style in the specific section about the creation of a text.

  2. Enabling the ARRAY function you can personalize the serial number and date organizing more strings in a matrix. You can choose the number of rows and columns but also the distance between them.

If you want to see the complete procedure in order to set up a serial number please watch the video clicking here

You can export a list of serial numbers to Excel using FlyCad.
Please watch the video here to see the complete procedure

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