Laser settings

FlyControl has a tree structure which is the ideal solution for displaying a great amount of data organized in a hierarchical order.

In this case, from the root FlyControl all the nodes (Database, Laser, Motors) spread out, which in turn are above all the other “leaves”


Clicking on the Laser node you access to the information relating to the lasers and their status.

From here you can quickly select one of the two “leaves”, Management and Settings.
In Management you can access to the information relating to the installed lasers, that is to say the IP address, the description, the type of the laser and the serial number.

If you are running FlyControl as Admin (or if you have the authorizations) you can manage or modify these information.

In Settings you can set or disable the lasers you have on the list (only if you are the administrator)

In Settings you can also check the status of each installed laser.

Clicking for example on the fiber laser, you can access to the information about its configuration.

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