Case of substitution of the pc or laser

If you changed your laser or your computer you will have to insert the registration code in FlyCad software, otherwise the laser will result disabled and thus not working.
First thing, be sure that the laser is on and that it is connected to the computer through the network cable.
Open FlyCad and select from “Help” menu the voice “About”

The software will display a window in which you will find all the information relating to the installed FlyCad version and the Registry Code. Click on the 3 dots labeled button, as shown in the picture below.

In the displayed window take note of the user code and send it to

You will get from us another code you will have to insert in white boxes.

To verify if the laser works properly you have two options:

  • In FlyCad click on the Connect icon which is just above the jobs’ tree.

  • In FlyControl verify the connection checking it in Settings below the Laser node.

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