polaris-jpg POLARIS

POLARIS is a rotary table machine that performs laser marking in parallel processing.


The heart of the machine is the XYZ axes system that consists of a unit supported by the exterior structure consisting of Bosch profiles. The layout and stability of the machine are independent from the exterior structure. This makes the laser marker extremely precise, compact, and rigid.


The machine is ready to interface with the customer’s IT systems, such as ERP or MES, using a variety of protocols (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ETC.), following all the principles of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

Furthermore, the machine has an entire set of I/O signals to control the unit with a robot interface.


Table rotation determines the productivity and accuracy of the marking. The cam mechanism that LASIT traditionally uses combines all of these characteristics and excellent reliability.

Main features

3D scanner for marking irregular surfaces

Our exclusive 3D scanning system can be supplied for this machine, making it possible to scan the piece right inside the marking cabinet. A scan is only needed when the geometry of the part changes. Once the software processes the 3D drawing, it automatically compensates when marking to obtain perfectly straight lines, even on curved surfaces.

marking area

We offer full coverage of the marking area thanks to the XY-axes system that our competitors do not have.

Specifically, this ensures that the laser beam is always perpendicular to the surface, even on the corners of the most extensive components), guaranteeing perfect marking.


The FlyCad® software developed by LASIT is the only interface between the operator and the machine.

It allows management of the 3D model, the customer layout, the marking parameters, the position of the axes, and the ERP system.

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Technical features

Work position


Maximum weight on table

20 kg per station

marking area

1000 x 380 mm with 

focal distance FFL160

Exhausting system


Laser type

All lasers with Fiber, CO2, UV, and Green source

Number of stations


Software integration

3D scanner


Height: 2800 mm

Width: 1800 mm

Depth: 2700 mm

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