Choose your laser marker

A bench laser marker, the best-selling in its class: economical and easy to use, it is ideal for small productions.

The smallest benchtop laser marker in its category that keeps production output high and prices low.

The most versatile in its category, which can be integrated with several accessories and is ideal for marking cylindrical details.

The best-selling laser marker in its category, thanks to its competitive price and great versatility in terms of laser-markable components.

Ideal for those who have to laser-mark 350 or more components a day with micrometric precision ensured by its rigid structure.

The rotary table makes it ideal for high volume marking. Mark and load/unload simultaneously.

Automatically and safely load, mark, and unload tags through a custom software interface.

Laser for integration

Six laser sources with different power 

to meet your productivity needs on any material.