Request Repair

LASIT Support is happy to help you. To get started, tell us about your problem.
Very good. Now provide your contact information.
Finally, write your machine's NP code here.

Where do I find the NP code?

Look for the CE on the machine. You can find it behind the monitor console, or on the electrical panel.

CE__3 Request Repair CE__4 Request Repair CE__1- Request Repair CE__2 Request Repair
If you want you can also attach files relating to the problem.
Allowed file type: jpg,pdf,lmf,dxf,zip,png

Make sure that the NP entered really corresponds to the one on the CE of your machine. If the NP is not written correctly, our system will not be able to handle the repair request.

If you are sure you have entered the correct number, send your request. Otherwise, go back and check carefully.