Laser Marking on Metal Components

Laser has its best effects on metal on which it’s easier to achieve diversified results.

Fiber sources are the best and most innovative laser technology for laser marking metal. They’re ideal for precision laser marking, micro-processing and cutting any metal. 

Moreover, they alloy and painted metals with surface treatments (e.g. anodized aluminum).

They can be used in both standard and MOPA (i.e. with variable pulse) versions. The latter is particularly effective in terms of versatility and quality.

Laser meets the quality, production, aesthetics, and safety standards required by the Automotive, Hydraulic, Home Appliance and Medical Industries.

There are various processes that can be applied to metals, including surface laser marking, deep laser engraving, and annealing

Marcatura Laser Superficiale

Surface laser marking

This process allows markings that are only a few millimeters deep. Compared to laser engraving, less energy converges to the laser beam. This process is faster since it does not need to dig deep. Once in contact with the material, the laser marking melts it at the surface, thus modifying its roughness.

Incisione Laser Profonda

Deep laser engraving

Unlike marking, which creates grooves, laser engraving makes the material evaporate in a few milliseconds, creating permanent markings. Moreover, engraving is more resistant. Therefore, it is particularly recommended when the laser marking suffers post-process stress (such as sandblasting for die-castings).

Marcatura Laser Annealing


Annealing occurs when the marking oxidizes the surface of metals, heating them locally. Usually, the oxide layer is black, but it can have different shades, depending on the temperature of the heated layer.
During the annealing process, the material’s surface is kept uniform. This happens because marking does not entail the removal of material, but just its heating. Heat reaches a depth ranging between 20 and 30 µm.

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