Tag Belt

tagbelt-1024x945 Tag Belt

The Tag Belt laser marker is ideal for automatically marking tags while tracking production orders.

The machine has a labeling system and two conveyor belts to load and unload the tags in the baskets.


It has several features in common with the Tower Label X, our best-selling laser marker for the hydraulics market.

The tag loader magazines are adjustable and can accommodate different tag sizes. Once marking has been completed and the Pick&Place system picks the tag, the next one is in place, ready to be engraved. Each loader can hold up to 400 tags.


The conveyor belts that transport the boxes of tags and the order labels keep work well organized.

The baskets are emptied and returned on the infeed conveyor to avoid wasting time and to optimize production.

Main features

Automatic management

atos-05-1-1024x646 Tag Belt

LASIT FlyCAD software can recover each tag layout associated with a product family. The layout can be populated dynamically and directly with the information for the specific product with direct access to SQL SERVER, AS400, ORACLE, SAP, or any other tools in the factory’s system.


atos-04-1024x646 Tag Belt

The labeler is connected to the factory’s order management system and automatically prints the production orders. The label winds up in the collection box with the marked tags on the conveyor belt. An RFID connection keeps the laser in constant communication with the factory’s system from an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Pick&Place system

atos-06-1024x646 Tag Belt

The Pick&Place system consists of a Venturi suction cup that picks up the tag from above, eliminating the risk of damaging it in any way (which could occur with a pusher/pneumatic system).

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Technical features

Work position


Loader type

Fixed dimensions, adjustable dimensions

Maximum marking area

ø220 with FFL254

Vacuum system


Laser type

All lasers with Fiber source

Number of loaders

2, 4

Door type

Manual or pneumatic


Height: 2,700 mm

Width: 2,100 mm

Depth: 2,900 mm

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