LASIT will be present
at TARÌ Exhibition 2022

From April 29th to May 2nd 2022
Centre of gold art and tradition Tarì
Marcianise, Caserta
Stand 38 IB, Hall "Rubino"

LASIT will join Il Tarì Exhibition, dedicate to Jewellery and precious metals working. We will show visitors our Micromark G3 Laser marking systems, perfect to mark, engrave and micro-cut metals and jewels.


Laser marking techniques make it possible to laser engrave jewelry with any design, even on complex shapes. Laser engraving jewelry is fast, precise, and permanent

In the luxury sector, jewelry laser engraving systems are becoming more popular, replacing traditional technologies. Lasers produce precise, long-lasting results


LASIT specializes in laser engraving machines for metal jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and watches. Our systems are also able to guarantee consistently high productivity. 

Lasers can cut through thin metals to create inscribed or monogrammed necklaces. It can also be used to engrave complex designs on unusual shapes with extreme precision.

tari-694x1024 TARÌ - Caserta, Italy 2022

Come to visit us and try laser marking on your jewels and get a wonderful, customized gadget!


This desktop laser marking machine with only Z axis is designed to facilitate the marking of small and medium pieces, thanks to the opening on three sides. It is the best-selling benchtop LASIT laser marker, a versatile model with reduced dimensions and prices. It is also suitable for marking small components with high precision.

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